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Weed N Stiff are here to blow your minds. During the show, you can access their entire catalog by clicking on the links in the "Recently Played" section.

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Weed N' Stiff, comprised of singer Jim Weed and guitarist Dill Stiff, is a comedy/improv/musical duo that has been dominating the world from Reno, NV since 1994. All music is written on the spot (or within 2 minutes) and all vocals are written as they are being recorded.

>>Song Meanings:

Intro - The epic return of the world’s greatest band. Song clips from 1994-2003.

“Buttermoose” is a song about how Jim and Dill have missed their fans over the last 11 years, but also think that they are suckers for buying anything they do.

“Burgle the Frog” is about a frog named Burgle that is in danger of being eaten by Demon James. Will Burgle make it out alive?

“Sharks” is about Jim's love for sharks as he explains it to his friends Tommy and Doris.

“Comin’ Home” is a song about the Aliens coming home.

“I’m Like Shampoo” is an existential song really.

“Thoo Thunder” is about the energy that fuels Weed N’ Stiff. The energy is the thunder.

“My Friend Mungus” is about a weird cowboy.

“Scoot” is a song about Jim wanting a very ugly person to scoot away from him.

“Plow Man” is explained on the DVD. It’s for those who watch the retrospective on the DVD.

“Roger” is about an asshole named Roger.

“Tether Ball Champions” is just a song about the band leaving once again. Jim and Dill come and go over and over again. Much like a tether ball: Hit after hit, the band always returns as they are attached to the rope that is their fan base. Swing hard. They will keep coming back.


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Weed N' Stiff just celebrated their 25th Anniversary with the hit song (and album) "Buttermoose".

Band Members:

Jim Weed - Vocals, Piano

Dill Stiff - Guitar, Vocals, Synth, Programming

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